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[Player reporting] The_PvP_Legend

Minecraft Username: Starlord_2001

Username of player you want banned: The_PvP_Legend

Location (Which server): DMU Public

When it happened (Time and Date): 19/9/2016 5:30pm (I'm in UTC+8) 2:30 PST

Description of the problem (Were they abusing perms etc.): Well me and him were in /warp interiorlane and he asked if I wanted to see his tardis. I accepted and when I got to his tardis, I saw a platform all made of iron blocks. I was impressed, then I asked him where he got the iron from. He said that he got it all from the 2010 tardis. And that's a violation of rule 18: Farming materials from tardises is NOT allowed! Once I told him about the rules, he left.

Why they deserved to be banned: He violated one of the rules

Witnesses (if any): Just me

Image(screenshot) of the player you want banned (image of chat image etc.):


His tardis:

No chat log, the server restarted and I can't open the log file



Agreed you cant farm materials in a tardis interior so I am banning him 24h for this Thread can be locked.

This thread has been locked.