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ban appeal

minecraft username:BedrockEnderman

location:both servers

when it happened:9/20/16

description of problem:so after getting banned for depressive thoughts on private i decided to change my ways of being depressed(working very well for me)

what i was doing prior to ban:being offline after greeting everyone i saw and asking to help them

why i should be unbanned:this time i have to say i did nothing wrong, today i was getting on to tell everyone what a fantastic day i was having, i dont know whats wrong with that.Also whenever i try to join the server now i just get a message saying you are banned from this server! "reason:appeal on the forums.again.christ." that isn't really a valid reason is it?

This is how it is. If you are banned from one server you are banned from both but it depends on what you did if you are to be banned on both. Ed warned you 5 times on public to stop saying depressive thoughts and you stopped after being muted and if I am correct temp jailed as well. But then you did it one more time on beta and ed was done with giving you warnings. 

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