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[Rule Verification] Capitalization.

While playing in-game for a while, it has become increasingly more noticeable that people warn other players for 'Caps' way too often. For example, a player may say a sentence in caps such as: 'HOW TO GET A TARDIS I DON'T GET IT'. At this point however, helpers, staff and even players  immediately warn the player about 'Caps' with a single one worded sentence. A better response to this however, would be something along the lines of: 'You can purchase a TARDIS for 400 Credits at /warp TARDISShop, However please refrain from excessive capitalization in the future.' This way you are informative, while warning the player too. 


Personally, I don't mind it when people use caps all in one sentence on isolated occasions, but when it becomes too frequent, I then have an issue with it.


I am basically saying this because most people (myself included) are becoming hypocritical, and warn others about caps but also do it themselves on other occasions.


It'd also be worth noting that there is no actual rule against the use of caps written on the server rules board, or in the book. (Unless I missed it when reading.)


All in all, I'm simply requesting we cut down on how much people are being warned for isolated occasions of Caps.

Curious, I think the rule to do with caps is either second line, second in or second last. It might be DMU Privates, as most people I see saying it also have Beta.

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