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A warning in chat for the Lag Removal Server Mod

My idea is simple. In Chat, about 30 seconds before an Entity clear,  say "Entity clear in 30 seconds" or something along those lines. I had an extremely annoying time once on the Dalek Mod Public Server. I was moving out of my old house into my tardis so I broke one chest and the clear went off exactly after I broke it and that gave me this idea. I've actually seen the idea on other survival servers and thought that it would go very nicely in this Lag Removal Mod.

And just now it stole my TARDIS key.


 I saw this happen. This issue is problematic and I give this suggestion my full support

Oh yes. I lost my diamond pick because of this. I also agree with this suggestion.

Thanks for all the support. It helps me alot. (Also this post is to raise the thread back up :P)

I will have a look into adding this to the mod!

Well thank you 1WTC. That makes me feel so happy knowing that I put a little something in a mod. :)


Well. seeing as dropping items is fully disabled it's not much of a problem anymore but I still think it should be added for servers that do have dropping turned on.

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