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[Giveaway] Beta Access || Part 2 || ENDED ||

(Forums Username - MC Username)


Joke_Assassin - Joke_Assassin

goldenshark - goldenshark

Jarvis - BellatorHD

Alec - Walrus_Slayer

The_Timelord_Zion - the_mr_roblox

RevolverOcelot - PeridotGem

Traykar - _OneWolf_

mysak1 - mysak1

Bestplayer_1_2_3 - Bestplayer_1_2_3


InfiniteGizmo448 - InfiniteGizmo448


If you are a Player rank, good luck. If you are a donator but not a beta, good luck.

Good luck all.

May the right people win.

Can you enter for a friend with a swd forums account

Can you enter for a friend with a swd forums account

 They cant enter themselves? xP

in my opinion,   


it would be a good idea to do one of these on Christmas instead of close to Halloween    

Yeah that should be nice but then its a kind of present not a giveaway xD



I most likely will as my new job pays very well xD Though the Christmas one might be something else like a profile theme or something non DMU related like a Steam game. OOOO Maybe a Secret Santa!

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