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A Wizard's Tardis

Hey there. You see, I always wanted to make a Tardis in Minecraft that would fit a wizard. I made many different interiors, but I think my current one's the winner. I based the form on the wooden console part in the 11th Doctor's Tardis in 1.7.10.

This console was my inspiration:

I just made the walls higher, changed the floor and the roof. As for the walls, my main problem in the former interiors where I placed command blocks at the roundel part was where to put my bookshelves. Suddenly I had a realization: Why not putting the bookshelves in the place of the wooden walls? So I did it. I just can't decide which roundels I should use. If you have a suggestion, please say so. Enjoy! smile

Please note: the enchantment tables on the picture are there where I usually put the command blocks, the tables are usually at the bookshelves.



Its good but could be better.

1. How about reducing the amount of enchantment tables?

2.  Maybe try finding a block better but similar to obsidian

But anyway it is still quite good

1. I originally put the enchanting tables in the corners between bookshelf and redstone lamp, but yeah, less is more sometimes.

2. Do you have any suggestion for a replacement?

Coal block, black wool or black stained clay might work well. Try them and see which you like best.

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