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Please help me I changed my ign to TheLegendary_Mew and now I cant play dmu public it just keeps saying failed to verify username please help!

I got 3 solutions I hope 1 of them work:


1: try to relog with your mc account when you start the launcher

2: try to change your mc username in your account settings on the swd site

3: try to relog in game on the main menu on mc


If 1 of them doesnt work then I dont know the problem xD

Whenever I go to my account it says my name is TheDimondStampy even though I changed it to TheLegendary_Mew

Yeah thats a bug I think I changed my username to OneWhiteWizard but its still Dutchbear12

Oh and when I log in it says my name is The_Flame_Cat on the game

I treied changing my username to TheLegendary_Mew on the site, I tried relogging on the site and I tried relogging ig but its not working

 yes and know it says failed to verify username on the title screen when I try to play

I dont know the problem man maybe someone else can try to help but I am out of idea's.

When I play singleplayer it says my name is THe_Flame_Cat

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