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[Report] liamow

Minecraft Username:TheTraveller.

Username of player you want banned:liamow.

Location (Which server):DMU puplic.

When it happened (Time and Date):6/10 9:16.

Description of the problem (Were they abusing perms etc.):Was using caps after many warnings and begging me for food and kept asking me where I was and trying to tpa to me.

Why they deserved to be banned:I warned him/her many times but him/her would not stop.

Witnesses (if any):TheAnimeTimeLord

Image(screenshot) of the player you want banned (image of chat image etc.):

Um just a little tip, maybe put the name of the player you want to report in the title? That made me think that someone was making a report against you, nearly freaked me out.

While this case seems to have annoyed you, and is not particularly acceptable behavior, this doesn't really deserve a ban. In fact, I wouldn't even give a jail for this.


Just a warning. So if Liamow does see this thread, please don't demand things from people. I will warn said player next time I see them on the server too, just in case they don't see this. 


Issue solved. Thread can be locked.




This thread has been locked.