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[Ban Appeal] BedrockEnderman (Depression comments, Complaining about bans, etc) [Result: Pardoned]

Its been a while sense i have been on the dalek mod server. Infact i had forgotten it exsisted. I have changed and i am no longer depressed. i just want to see how everyone is doing on the dalek mod servers. I hope you consider unbanning me. If not then its ok I'l be fine have a nice day.


Minecraft Username: BedrockEnderman

Location(which server): Both servers

Description of the problem: I was being depressed and called innocent_fox a traitor (all apologies to fox and edusgprnetwork)

What you were doing prior to the ban: Being shown something by someone in edstown

Why should you be unbanned: I have been known to cause trouble, but i don't want to harm anyone really. I just want to see fox again. Its been forever. I just want to build and be happy like you guys. If this reason is invalid i have another. I should be unbanned because i was foolish, now i know what i did wrong, i want to fix that.


 You'll be pardoned on both servers.
You do understand that it will be your last chance to behave though, right ?
I expect no more complaints about you and neither complaints coming from you.

Thread Lock please.

This thread has been locked.