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Is printer mode for schematica still staff only?

I was wondering if printer mode for schematica was still staff only.

If you want to use schematica you need to ask permission from a staff member or helper. And you need to say how big it is, why you want it in the server and if its important or not.

The schematica mod may be used by players to copy their own structures between servers or into single player.


While on the server, you are not allowed to use the printer mode, as it could be used as a griefing tool.


However, if you really want to use the printer mode, ask a member of staff, and they will verify where you are printing it is OK, and what it is is all good too.


If you helped someone to build something, but see it as your own structure as you did place blocks in it, be sure to check with the other builders it is OK to copy with schematica too.


Reminder: It is against the rules to copy someone else's build without their permission, regardless of what tool is used.


Hope this clears it up for you.


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