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Why is this happening?

MC Name: iiAwesomeCrafter


Problem: So,me and my friend 'JJGamingJack' have created a new modpack called CosmicCraft 2.0' (2.0 as this is the 2nd version of CC.) We have made a space station in the space dimension from the mod 'Warpdrive'. Whenever we leave and come back to the station this happens........




Water and 'Rose Gold' from the MCA mod appears.....

We've figured out that for some reason it's the Air Generators from Warpdrive causing it. If they're on and we leave it happens but if they're off it dosn't.

My friend assumes it's an ID Conflict but we don't know this for certain. We would appreciate it if you could tell us why this is happening and how to fix it. 


Here is the Mod list for CC2.0:



In the 1.7.10 Folder is:


and in the Flan Folder is:


Hope you can help us solve this problem! Any help would be appreciated,as we sorta need to breath on our spacestation to....you know....live.....


Edit: 'Julie J Oracle Coat' is actually a Sims 4 mod. Must have accidently put it into the wrong Mods folder....oops....


Edit 2: We know it is not a griefer who is doing it as it is only us 2 on the game who are able to get to the space station. The only other person who has been on the world is currently unable to get to our spacestation so we know it is not him.


Edit 3: The world this is on is owned by 'JJGamingJack' idk if this helps but it's useful to know anyway.

das alot of mods


though it might take a long time,  what i do  is take out each mod one by one and see what happens when loading without it.  if it doesnt change i put the mod back in and move to the next one

We think it's Warpdrive and MCA conflicting,but we arn;t sure. We also use both of these mods quite alot so we'd prefer a way to keep both mods.

Also,ice melting still dosn't explain the random Rose Gold. So,nope definetely not ice melting.

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