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Class (DW spinoff)

 So the BBC recently started broadcasting a new Doctor Who spinoff called 'Class' It is about some 6th formers in Coal Hill Academy defending Earth against monsters that resulted from The Doctor's time travel around that location.

  I watched the first 2 episodes and they were pretty good IMO, what do you guys think?


Warning: If you are under 13 and/or don't like gory/slightly sexy scenes,  YOU SHOULD NOT WATCH CLASS. The program is aimed at young adults and have scenes that aren't suitable for children. And if you are under 13 and think you can cope with it and watch Class anyways, don't, seriously...DON'T




I'm gonna say here what i said on Twitter, the show is ok: The first episode suffers from a poor plot and, while it was done nicely, the appearence of the Doctor felt like an attempt to get people to watch it, almost like BBC said "Hey! We got the Doctor in this!! You should watch it!". The second episode was already an improvment, though the plot is a formula we've seen already(character trying to hide a monster, personality problems and so on). Gore is very excessive and unneeded at times, just felt like overdoing it just to set the "mature" theme. The series has some good humor most of the times. Overall, do i like Class? Yes, it's an ok show and it was better than what i was expecting, the worst part about the show is certainly the opening, its's bad, 6.5/10

Definitely not the garbage I was expecting! It feels very formulaic and the intro makes me want to gouge my baby batter out, however.

Bump, now that the series is over, I'm going to do an in-depth review. (But I'm not a film critic so I can't come up with that many points, cut me some slack, ok?)


For Tonight We Might Die: 5.5/10 

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo: 8/10

Nightvisiting: 6/10

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart/Brave-ish Heart: (a) 8.5/10, (b) 7.5/10, (Average) 8/10

Detained: 8/10

The Metaphysical Engine, Or What Quill Did: 8.5/10

The Lost: 9.5/10

And I agree with Clod and Ford...the opening is bad, the song itself is ok but it's just wrong for an intro.


In-depth (Spoiler territory)

Show content

For Tonight We Might Die: Not a great start in my opinion, the plot was a bit poor but the rest is ok. The Doctor appearing and the reference to Clara was indeed a bit forced too.

The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo: Much better than the first episode, more action and the suspense with the reveal of "The Governors" also added to the episode. The gore felt forced too (As Clod has said), but the rest was all good.

Nightvisiting: The episode was a bit boring to be honest, there wasn't any excitement. The sex was...weird? It felt a bit unneeded but it might just be me feeling super awkward...?

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart/Brave-ish Heart: A good mid-season two-parter. The first episode had a good plot and felt exciting. The second episode felt a little bit fast-paced and all over the place though. The near-usage of the Cabinet felt too early too.

Detained: It provided a good insight into the characters' personalities, it also did a good job of developing the mystery for the episode. 

The Metaphysical Engine, or What Quill Did: Good episode focused on Quill, the relationship between Ballon and Quill developed a bit too quickly though. (But I guess you might get attracted to someone who saved your life and gave you back your freedom pretty quick, but what do I know? xD) The end was spoiled already at ep.6 but that isn't a big problem for me.

The Lost: A ton of surprises, I was just sitting there with my mouth open wide by the end of the episode. It had great plot development, it did a good job of keeping the episode exciting. The reveal of what the Governors are definitely shocked me. And the cliffhanger killed me, made me throw my pillow across the room because of all the suspense. 


Overall, I think the series was good, it had a good story arc and I'm definitely looking for more.

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