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Dalek Mod 4 Year Anniversary Special: Blue Peter Dalek Cupcakes

Blue Peter Dalek Cupcakes, DM 4 year anniversary!

As many of you should be aware the Dalek Mod 4 year anniversary is just a few days away now and we thought what better way to celebrate than with TimelordGamers "Blue Peter Dalek Cakes!". Below you can find TLG's video tutorial, showing step by step how to make these awesome cakes!



How can I make these myself?!

As well as following TLG's video you can also see the instructions below:

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We would love to see you make them yourself and share them below, let us see what other designs you could come up with? Maybe even try out  K9 or Tardis cake??


All credit goes to TLG and the BBC for this awesome make!

Ill try making the cupcake and this is a good way to celebrate the anniversary 

I've been here for awhile now, early 2013 about march i believe. not to sound old but i remember the first dalek mod server. I was 14 then.

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