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[Format] Ban Appeal

Minecraft Username: Mine_Crafter1000

Which server you were banned on:Public Server

What you were doing prior to the ban:Excessive  capitalization

Why should you be unbanned:  One of the server staff  gave Weirdogaming admin and they kept trolling me.  My other Ban appeal thread was  deleted and i still can't access the server. I kept yelling at WeirdoGaming because of what he was doing, and he replied "it was for a video" (starlord_2001,weirdogaming (who got admin for 24 hours) and Subpai were involved in me using caps)


The players involved in my banning for excessive caps were:

  • starlord_2001
  • weirdogaming (  was given admin perms for 24 hours)
  • Subpai

I really would like to be unbanned by 20:05 (UK time)

plz can I be unbanned I really need a second chance 

I'm a child wanting to be unbanned to play with others

If you do not stop this spam, you will be banned from the SWD website.

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