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What do you do except playing Minecraft?

I usually go on Twitter or Discord. And normal school stuff, like studying

Anything but Dalek Mod.

I'm currently writing a game about a crook

just video games :D  i have no social life!


mostly beamng drive and besiege

I play Gmod, chat with friends, watch TV shows such as the flash, arrow, agents of shield and the walking dead, play piano/keyboard and I make movies/stop-motion animations. And I do schoolwork of course

I also plan on learning how to code

I work a full time job, watch football (american), and listen to ELO, the Beatles and old radio detective shows.

Simple, draw,write,think , sleep, learn, read, think harder than befor, raid my kitchens of all the biscuits, listen to music, raid other households of their biscuits, run....from the people who I stole the buscuits from, re-watch shows I have watched a thousand times, think of excuses to not revise, chat to friends, defend the world from otters, gardening , professional snow sculptering AND ....eat biscuits...not much really...

I play some Other games like league of legends, gmod and portal 2. I also watch tv shows like the flash, class and empire. And ofcourse I do schoolstuff.

I play rugby, watch TV shows such as Arrow, Flash, Big Bang Theory etc., Homework, Talk to friends/gf, Code a game, Draw sprites for a game, play on the Xbox, go to school and watch youtube.

I play tennis, volleyball, do some maths practice, learn to code an Arduino robot and completing school homework. 

These days, I have little free time; most of it is spent on school work and sports.



I watch football, play FIFA, watch youtube and use instagram a heck ton of times. if any of that made sense

I have a few TV shows I like to watch, I like spending time with my family and friends, and I love playing things on Steam and Nintendo. I draw occasionally, run a Clash of Clans clan, and do a bit of modelling in Blender.


Of course though, I do have quite a bit of class work

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