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[Report] bables11 [Server issue]

Minecraft Username: TheTraveller

Username of player you want banned: bables11

Why they deserved to be banned: So they told me they found this awesome 'loop hole' thing he found, so I thought 'Hey this could be cool' so I tped to him and he told me to make a wall of titanium ore. So I did and we got in his tardis. He traveled to the middle of the sea on the overworld, then said 'i kept those cords i'll mine those when you go offline thanks' then went on how he broke no rules and I broke the rules by giving them to him. Luckily my moon base was near there and I went back and destroyed the blocks. Then he went on about saying that I had broke the rules and going to cave game and classic was not against the rules and saying he wouldn't get banned muted or warned if he broke any of the rules. He keeps lying and trying to get me to give him stuff from creative.

Witnesses: Chat logs

Evidence: He was talking a lot so I couldn't scroll up and take pics when I was going to report him, but would be in chat logs.





I will jail this player when I get on later, you are right Traveller he is breaking a lot of rules 

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