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ideas for cyberconverted doctor from a nightmare in silver

i found a great model for  him if he were to be a boss right here  11th doctor - nis - mr clever

still even though this is a player skin i think it might work for the boss's model and if he were to be created then i think he should spawn Cybermats and cyber mites


the " CyberConverted Doctor" Can be a mob ... i think. :D 

Thank You . :3 

Here's the problem: It just doesn't make sense. 
How can you have more than one Cyber Doctor?

How can you kill the Doctor?


Is "Spawning Cybermats and Cybermites" Even worth having as a Boss?


I feel "Clever Villagers" make far more sense and as a basic mob that can be healed using a handpulse.

Check out this Cyberman Suggestion Post I made. I fully detail many variants of Cybermen, including my idea for "Clever Villagers"


I love the skin by the way

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