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[Ban Appeal] Doctor_ofTardis: Spamming /w @a

Original Title: Was just banned for unknown reason if admin can see please help

I just got banned for /w @a when I didn't  know you couldn't and It didn't say banned for [#] days it just said banned, if an admin can see this please help.

1.Please format this

2. You sorta spammed it, even after SubDivide TOLD you NOT to

3. Sub was the one who banned you so I will leave this to him

Thank you I didn't see that and could you un-noob Matteo248 please he doesn't use chat very often so you don't have to un-mute him infact I have him here agreeing with this, although he does not have an SWD account.


Also how do you format lol I'm new with forums.


And what is 9PM GMT in EST

By using this format 

Issue resolved, thread will be locked

This thread has been locked.