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[Ban Expired] [Ban Appeal] 5678Builder: Griefing [24 Hour Ban]

Original Thread title: Banned for Griefing the Public Farm Logs:


Hi, I an relatively new on the Dalek Mod Server, I went to get some wheat from farms but did not get chance to replant as family was going out and I had to go with them :(, I am really sorry about this and if/when you let me back on, you can be assured I won't do it again.  Thanks in advance, 56789builder.

Hi there, the admin honeyluck has banned you for 24 hours, and that time has passed. You will be pardoned soon. Thank you for taking responsibility of your actions and giving an honest appeal, we don't often see mature responses.


I also see you are new to the forums. I would recommend posting these posts in  the Ban Appeals/Reporting section in the future so we can notice it easier. Welcome to the community.

You have been unbanned - thank you for the maturity in your response and welcome to the community :)

This thread has been locked.