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dhi_awesome's Consoles

Since more of these threads are showing up, and I haven't done one of these since May last year of my old Private network, here are some of my consoles for people to have a look at.


TRON Classic/Original Console

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This console is actually a repaint of the Legacy, at request of MilkPls. It has the two Lightbike colours on the wall, and the old ID Disk design for the floor. The strange sea lantern shape is the TRON logo from that movie.

TRON: Legacy Console
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This console is darker, with more of a "neon" feel, like the TRON: Legacy movie when compared to TRON. The glass panes are the four colours of Lightbikes as seen in the TRON: Legacy game for iOS.  

Elite Console
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The Elite Console is based on the Elite Four of Alola (Pokemon). The four Elite Four doors are corridors, and the main door the console door. The glass and sea lanterns are supposed to represent gems in the actual console, and the upper platform is the Champion's Platform.

More will be coming, but this is all the ones I want to post for now. I will post both canon and non-canon consoles here.

these look great! 

 only thing that looks iffy is the sea lanterns , I dont know why they just through me off


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