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[Ban Expired][Ban Appeal] EzTheAwesome: Stealing Credits [Inv Clear + 24 hr Ban]

I did not steal any credits it might of looked like that but i did not. I put every thing back. can i please be unbanned? sever: DMU public

edit your post to use this format,  copy/paste it in,  all ban appeals are supposed to use this format

Minecraft Username

Which server you were banned on:

What you were doing prior to the ban:

Why should you be unbanned (no excuses like "it was my brother/caps lock stuck")


(i'm no admin but i'm OCD and it bugs the hell out of me when people dont use a format,  if i dont tell you i'm either gonna break a blood vessel or pass out )

Minecraft Username:  EzTheAwesome

Which server I were banned on: DMU Public

What I were doing prior to the ban: IDK

Why should I be unbanned: Because I did not steal no credits and if I did that would be dumb. I would not do such thing.

I see no reason in here to unban you.

All you are saying is that you didn't do it which doesn't help in the slightest.

Unless you have an actual reason for you unban then I think you should stay banned your full time.

also it said "you have been banned for 24 hours and it has been WAAAAAAAY more hours then 24

Your 24 hour ban has expired. You will be pardoned but your inventory will be cleared of any potentially grief'd items.

The only thing I have to say on this. Going to lock now since you've been unbanned.

This thread has been locked.