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Unmuting appeal

The 24 February 2017;


I was dumped in the middle of nowhere by OIWeirdo. My home is at least 30,000 blocks away from spawn and I asked for a lift home. Subsequently OIWeirdo said no and proceeded to be quite rude to me. I kept on asking and was eventually muted. I hope that this mute will be lifted soon as it is a pain to play on and run my shop with. I do hope you consider this post and lift my muted as and when you see fit.


Thank you,

Dalek207 (Soon to be Doctor_Eyebrows)

No. I don't really. 'Stop being such a pain. Shut up' stuff like that. I was only asking for a lift home!

I've forwarded this to weirdo, I don't think you should have been muted judt for asking for a lift. 


You'll be happy to know about the /sethome feature that's being fixed out 

Don't remember of it fully works yet or not but it's upcoming. 



 That is defiantly needed. Maybe it could be made so we can /sethome/spawn in our TARDIS(ES)

Sorry for not unmuting you but you left before I could and you can't unmute offline people. I have school all day so you'll have to wait for another staff to get on.

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