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[Manhattan's Elite] [50 Credits per block???]

Hi its James Bond again, so i was building some houses in my town and ed came along and said 50 credits per blockso Ill show a picture of a small house for 88,000 credits and MrGasmaskMan came along and I told him and I said I want to price it for 500 credits he said that would be great here is a picture:

That is fine but players may not mine the house at all. Breaking and harvesting any blocks will result in a ban.

The rule is that if you make something with creative blocks you have to charge the value of that block.

It will be tough as you must price out each individual block

wouldnt it be easier to give empty lots and let the players build their own houses?


if you want the houses in your town to look a certain way you can just make some rules for building or whatever

I have 2 more questions if they pay the price of the house (Meaning price of each block) can they then break blocks? Other question is do I keep the credits for myself or give a certain percentage to the government (Staff)? 

1. No they can't unless you allow it

2. You can do whatever as long the credits are from someone who doesn't have creative. If they do then just keep them to yourself.

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