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[Reference] Ban Appeal Responces

I'm making this thread because I've noticed lately, ban appeals have been far too messy.

This thread will serve as a reference to all of those who are going to appeal a ban.
Some information for all types of appeal:
Make sure the title has "Ban Appeal" in it and your player name.
Put everything you need to say in one comment instead of a hundred.

Never say "I didn't do it" because 9.9 time out of 10 you did.


24 Hour Bans

If you have only a 24 hour ban, an appeal is normally pointless as you generally get auto unbanned before your 

appeal has either been noticed or finished, then its just a waste of forum space. If you only have a 24 hour I recommend just waiting

it out instead of starting a thread that in the end will have been pointless.


Permanent Bans


Typically, if you have received a perm ban, it means you were banned for a major offence or for multiple offences after

already being banned before. If you are in the rare group of people who are given a "Perm until appeal" ban then here's some guidelines:
Don't say you didn't do it, because if you didn't then you wouldn't have been banned in the first place.

Don't ever blame it on a friend or a sibling. It's YOUR account, therefor it's YOUR responsibility for anything that happens to it. 


General Bans

If you are in the group of people that have a general ban i.e. Over 24 hours & not a permanent ban then this is for you.

When appealing, always use the format provided here:
[Format] Ban Appeals, Server reports
Make sure to use proper grammar and spelling so staff can understand your appeal.

Never include the following or anything similar:
"It was my friend/sibling"
"I love the server/the mod/Doctor Who"
"I donated/have an item in the mod"

"My friends know I didn't"

"pls pls pls pls"


~ OIWeirdo - DMU Admin

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