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[Dalek Mod Bugs] ReSpawning Bug, Cave Game Bug [Solved]

Version of Forge: 1.8-

Dalek Mod Version: Update 45 (

List of Mods:

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Caravble Pumpkins Mod

Dalek Mod


[A Homemade Mod]

Doing Prior: Playing Minecraft, filming a video.

Location: Singleplayer

Status: Unsolved


Bug I



I was filming a video for my channel, part of which took place on Skaro. I was exterminated by a dalek, and respawned on Skaro. Here's a part of the video:

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After I was done filming, I went to all of the other dalek mod dimensions and died on them. I respawned in each respective dimension.


What it effects in-game:  Seeing the overworld ever again if the player can't find their TARIDS/their key despawns (just had another map idea…)


This led me to discovering:

Bug II



When I respawned in the Cave Game dimension, there were enormous gaps in places, and the entire dimension was divided into very large chunks:



What it effects in game: Falling off of the edge!! And never getting back to the overworld because of Bug I. Also, getting around in that dimension would be more difficult.


Other info:

As these bugs took place in a world I had been playing in for years, I tested them in a new world, and they were still there.


Ok. I didn't know about that Handles command; however, in survival mode, if the player died they would lose him as well. I thought this could be a feature, but since it wasn't mentioned in a change log or anything, I wasn't sure. As for the homemade mod, it just adds a few blocks/items, and shouldn't affect dimensions, or anything else, in any way.

I'm going to add a /return-home command into the mod which basically means that if you die in a different dimension and have no way of getting home your Tardis will travel to you. However if you happen to be in another dimension and you have no Tardis at all then the /return-home command will bring you make to your overworld spawn point.

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