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[Resolved] [Mute report] T00tlezz

Original thread title:  I GET MUTED EVERYTIME!


About the server on Update 45: GUYS! what the [Jelly Baby] is going on! :(  i get muted about EVERY SINGLE [Scarf] sorry but i am soooo RAGE now! i get muted everytime from any staff! WHY :(( guys help me pls my name is T00tlezz in the game. And they say i get muted about caps. OH IM SORRY BUT I AM 1. 12 and 2. i forget this all the times!! and i am ONLY sayng ONE WORD!!! only ONE word in CAPS what's the problem there! ;( i only say CAPS in only  ONEE word!! like the "ONEE" before lmaos :( and if you guys feeling insulted about this. No. Just NO. Why would u get [Scarf]ed of now about this comment. I'm serious pls fix this  cry

Format your complaint and use proper grammar.
We warned you more than 3 times, You sweared and bypassed the swear filter like you showed us now "p!ss#d" in your thread.


Whats Update 45 got to do with being muted? Also, for future reference Mister Thread maker, could you put this in the ban appeals section?

It isn't a ban appeal, so would it really work there?


Well it sorta is, its better there than in the General Discussion section.

Not entirely sure what you intended by this thread, is it a request to be unmuted, or a complaint about staff? Regardless, I will now explain what users may be muted for:

  • Excessive capitalization
  • Spamming
  • Bypassing the swear filter
  • General offensive or rude use of language.

You would have been muted for one or more of the reasons above.


To avoid being muted again, I recommend you re-read the rules, and if you cannot behave in chat, do not chat at all. 


Just want to add on here, 1. Your age has nothing to do with it; we treat users of all ages in the same way, and 2. You need to write the rules down if you 'forget this all the times!!' 


All four different reasons were the reasons for both mutes.

This thread has been locked.