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Roleplay mode/ TARDIS

Name of Block/item/ore: Roleplay mode/ TARDIS

Description: when granted regeneration (For whatever reason) a choice is shown: roleplay/random(default). Roleplay means the doctor's regen cycle, and random will cycle between a lot of different skins. Also, in RP mode, the TARDIS' interior and exterior will change according to the current regen. A manual change is possible, but only to previously used consoles.

Lore/Brief Background:

How does the player obtain it:


Why should this be implemented: For people, me included, who want to feel like it is truly doctor who in minecraft.

Any other information: if I missed anything, please let me know!

You ned to say why it should be implemented and you gave two names for the "Normal" mode, you called it "normal" and then "random". You might want to fix that, also what is the normal or random mode? What does it do, you need to explain it so the team know what you mean if they are going to add it.

It'd be cool, I like the idea.


It would be cool if you also did the animation and you saw how your skin changes.

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