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Mob Suggestion: under the lake ghosts

 Name of Mob: under the lake ghosts

 Description: see through, black eyes, can go through blocks.

 Lore/Brief Background: from the episodes "under the lake" & "before the flood"

 Behaviour: usually peaceful, unless you saw a "strange writing" block, then they will try to kill you.

  • How it attacks players: by hands, maybe sometimes with a sword
  • Spawning(Biomes/dimension, spawn rate): overworld, around a "space hearse" construction, which generates naturally.
  • Nature (Hostile/Passive/Neutral): neutral
  • Anger Triggers: seeing a "strange writing" block
  • Special Traits:
  • Drops:
  • Abilities:
  • Notable weaknesses: can't walk through faraday cage block/door

Why should this be implemented:

Image(rough sketch/draft acceptable):

Any other information

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