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FREE Stack of credits on DMU!

Do you want a stack of credits for FREE on DMU?

If yes you can claim a free stack of credits by simply following us on Twitter! It's that simple!

Just visit our twitter @the_swd_team and click on follow! Once you are following us either send us a tweet saying you've followed and want your free credits or post a reply to this thread along with a link to your Twitter profile!


What's the catch?

No catch! We have been looking at our twitter recently and noticed that a lot of the community are not following us and are missing out on important news. So we want to try and get as much of the community as we can following us so everyone can stay updated on all the latest news!


Any conditions to get the free credits?

Yes, you must follow our account. You must allow 24 hours for the credits to be applied to your account. If you don't get the credits within 24h send us an email at: support@Swdteam.com or send us another tweet! Finally you must continue following the SWDTeam Twitter account in order to receive your credits


Any other questions?

If you have any other questions just ask below and we will respond to you as best we can!

I've gone and followed @The_SWD_Team >> https://www.twitter.com/Toadylong15

I've gone and followed @The_SWD_Team >> https://www.twitter.com/Toadylong15

You should now have 64 credits waiting for you!

It never hurts to follow me as well ;)  https://twitter.com/Didgeridoomen

Following ;) https://twitter.com/The_MythicalMew

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