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[Grief Report] Wheat Farm.

Minecraft Username: Ron_1230

Coordinates, Which Server: Public: Unkown, however, it's a bit from the spawn it's also a pretty big wheat farm.

When it happened:  Unkown, however, I found it a few days ago but couldn't find this format, I had told Ace about it on the server but I crashed whilst giving the info and he'd gone once I got back on.

What was griefed: The area of the signs and the pool.

Witnesses (if any): Unkown.

Screenshot before and after griefing:

I don't have any screenshots from before the greifing.

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Problem is solved since the grief happend a month ago we decided not to bother about a jail or ban. Next time give the coords too. It took me 15 minutes to find it xD. Anyways I will lock the thread now, thank you for the grief report.


Thread locked.


May the force be with you,


Staff member Dutchbear12/Yoda

This thread has been locked.