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[Rejected] [Discord Ban Appeal] Mine_Crafter1000#3616:

Original Thread Title: May I join back

So I have been kicked by Sub a long time ago on the Discord server and he said 'there is no point in joining back cause it wont be long until you get kicked again with all the kicks you get' and I really miss the server and I know that what I did to be kicked was reasonible but I regret doing what I did to be kicked and then told that I cannot join back.

Discord Username:Mine_Crafter1000#3616

I regret to inform you that I spoke with Sub and both of us have come to the agreement that with past actions in mind the answer is respectfully no.


I am sorry to have to deliver this bad news but it is what I do. Please enjoy the rest of your stay on our servers but we will not allow you back in to the discord.

Decision is final.

This thread has been locked.