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Killer_Komix's Art Thread

Aside from building TARDIS interiors, I draw a lot of pictures. I don't draw very serious works as my art style is pretty cartoony (see my profile picture). I thought I would share some art on here to receive some feedback and get some requests. Please note that my abilities are very limited, please don't ask me to draw animals.


To kick things off, I will start with one of my more recent doodles:

The 12th Doctor (Series 10 [Unfinished])

I was going through my sketchbook? looking for good art that I've done. I found a couple pieces that I'm pretty proud of. (Please help, it's 4 in the morning and I'm doing this)


The 10th Doctor chasing a Dalek:


Self-portrait (warm-up doodle I did for a project):


Luigi and the Poltergust 5000 (Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon):


You can kinda see J. Jonah Jameson poking into the picture so I'll just post him too.


J. Jonah Jameson (Spiderman)

I have a finished version of the Capaldi drawing as well as a version for coloring yourself.


12th Doctor (Series 10)


12th Doctor (Series 10 [No Color])


If anyone chooses to color their own 12th Doctor from the template I posted, feel free to post them here. I would love to see them.

The next drawing is one i finished at the end of 2016. It was more of a study of facial features than anything. Learning how to not only make your characters be different shapes, but have different faces is very important. You don't want all of your characters to look the same. I think i picked a pretty good subject for this exercise.


The 3rd Doctor (Green Coat):

It's been about a month, but i have some new drawings to add to the thread.


Blocktor in his TARDIS:


And a doodle I did as an experiment with object interaction:

"Where have you taken me this time?"

Wow! It's been almost a year, but I'm still making art. In fact, I just finished a piece that y'all might enjoy. Or not. I'm not your dad.


I drew the original in 2013 with a mouse... in MS Paint. After 5 years of hating it more and more, I finally decided to redraw it. And here they both are for comparison.


The 7th Doctor Gets Shot (Doctor Who TV Movie)





Just when you thought I was done, I decide to produce more art. This time, I have made one based on Twice Upon A Time.

They just keep getting better and better!

Really love your art, keep up the good work, looks amazing!

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