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Advice for Kids on Server

Hey folk, I am looking for advice on if it is worth while getting a creative pass for a 6 year old. He really enjoys playing on the server, but I am concerned that he is too young, there have been several instances of him having things stolen/wrecked by other players. Unfortunately due to his age he can't keep up with the chat window and I wouldn't be surprised if he is inadvertently annoying people. I was hoping that with the creative pass he would both cause less grief and receive less grief. If not he'll have to leave servers alone till he is a bit older.


I would also put here that as well as the negatives there have been some great people on this server who have rescued him several times, so thanks thanks to those.

My son is 8 years old and enjoys playing on the public server also.  I play also.  I find it a great bonding exercise.  Plus I get to oversee what he is up to and make sure that there is no risk to him or that the conversations aren't of an adult nature.  I have to say that I'm finding the public server very child friendly. 

Ultimately I find the dalek mod public server a great chillout zone.

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