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[Player Report] Sarahlighting: Griefing

EDIT: she is insisting it was not her, but can a staff member come and check? The coo-ords are  245063  76 11.Hi, I would like to report sarahlighting for extensive tardis bridging and griefing. Please see attached screenshots, as a picture paints 1000 words. I do not know how to make a spoiler, sorry.

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She might be responsible for my mates Tardis interior destruction. Although he told me he doesn't really care since he has spares. She is a suspicious bloke though. I do recommend a proper investigation.



Edit: Well he said some bad things and got himself banned.

I do not know how to make a spoiler, sorry.

["spoiler"] (Content goes here) ["/spoiler"] ; Don't use quotation marks


Alternately you can click on the (?) icon in the toolbar of the text editor. What you want in the spoiler goes between the two parts.


When creating spoilers, inconsistent formatting can make things glitchy.

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