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[Ban Appeal x2] [Permanent Ban] ROGUE_Chris/TheRenegade/TheFastestGamer: Uncourteous Behaviour



I'm also very curious as to how i managed to ban myself hmm?

Right timing too. The sound of silence was playing as soon as i got banned and i was helping a player Viro99 I think it was. I had planned to get diamonds for armour and i was having a very lucky day.



Maybe i shouldn't have come back after all this time.

Don't say that mate. I had to go through hell to get you back around this place

At least give a damn reason first time around. Thank you.



Sorry John you made a mistake trying to bring me back.

Well i don't know you, The Renegade does.



You don't know me because you don't remember him SubDivide

I won't be back here for a while John. You might be gone by then. I'm glad you understand and i might see you next time i go overseas.



As for you SubDivide. I understand why you banned me. That's it really. 




I don't really know what to think of this place anymore. It was fun while it lasted.

Well i don't know you, The Renegade does.



You don't know me because you don't remember him SubDivide

 What are you on about?

I literally asked HIM for proof that you two are different people.

You could probably do this by showing a non-personal over a week old conversation between the two of you.


Mate the only conversations we've really had were quite personal. His mum met mine overseas and they became friends. We met when he travelled overseas once and we managed to meet each other online years later. He went through a lot in 2015 and i wasn't there for him. I got into contact again and brought him back here. I'm thinking this was all of my mistake or bad timing since he got banned from the discord server at that point. I only saw it for a bit when i shared images but got banned a few seconds later :P



I guess i'll talk to him on discord then.



Well if you wanna talk SubDivide i'll get on John Constantine #6186

Well hello there. Seeing as you already went through a bunch of shit, being banned on discord and the server, I'll stay low for now.


However, I am sick of stuff like this. If I see anything from you ever again which is either insulting or one of these sick lies, I'll permanently ban JohnConstantine52TheRenegade, and all your alt accounts from DMU, the discord server and the SWD website/mod in general, and prevent any new account to be created at your location. 


Have a nice day.

Have a nice day too Matt, I wish things were different, Chris told me that he won't log on to this site again.



Please don't ban me

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