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suggestions for all tardis interiors

 following rooms should probably be added:swimming pool,library (with more detail than update 39),workshop,and wardrobe

a few items that i think should be made: tardis vending machine, remodeled bookcase(better than update 39),and finally the cloister bell 

tweaks to existing items: Tardis Demat lever should actually move , cloister bell moves,opening doors and bigger on the inside look ) 

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the swd-team already has a plan for the interiors so please stop asking and some of thoes will be in the mod and some wont 

also please stop asking for the bigger on the inside look (BOTI)

Hi there, a lot of these features are already coming and were suggested by many threads below this one.

Also, may I ask, what is 'more detail than Update 39'. You need to specify what you want in the mod if you want to have it added.


I would recommend having underlined sections, 


Username: whovian15


I would recommend checking out ArcPhoenix's thread, he teaches you how to write suggestions that the Team are able to understand and consider. 


If you want to post about Tardis suggestions try ArcPhoenix's one, includes these things as well. Maybe you could combine them to make an even better one!


I've also a format that you can use for suggestions

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