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How do I install Update 46 on a mac?

Hi so I have been trying putting the U46 file in my mods folder and when i go to join the server it says that i don't have it installed and I have beta so i don't understand what is wrong.



 Mod rejections [FMLMod:thedalekmod{Update 46 (] 

I have also tried going on to the public server but it says the same thing

Something is wrong with your computer.

 There is nothing wrong with his PC



Please show me your mods folder Nebula

By going to your mods folder and taking a screenshot

do you know how to take a screenshot?

  1. Hi, did you download the TestBuild version of U46? If so download from here: https://swdteam.com/product.php?key=XuTH8xMKYQDtBZmC3vxNocBvpgyi2rYP

but my single player is working for update 46 and the background theme is set to the new themes added it is just the dalek mod servers that say that

yes i did install the update it is just the servers that are acting strange

 Mod rejections [FMLMod:thedalekmod{Update 46 (]

 It is always saying this when i go to join the dalek mod servers 

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