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Wrig9's Random Tardis Thread

Earlier today, I was looking through my save files when I came across one called "Anime". Curious, I opened the world and was amazed to see a cool looking Tardis I had built. This thread is pretty much for pictures of this Tardis. Actually, now that I look at it, this Tardis dates back to before I started watching Doctor Who. Weird.

This is the main room. It includes a desk with a computer, a piano, two armor stands, two bookshelves, and a weird screen thing.

This is the Bridge. Here you can control the Tardis. On each wall, there is a button that teleports you to a different room.

This is the lounge. There Isn't much here, but it's a nice place to sit down and watch television.

On either side of the Tardis is an empty room. Both are identical.

And... that's pretty much it for this random Tardis. There aren't any more rooms. Hope you enjoyed. I might put this world up for download

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