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Mod rejections [FML mod:thedalekmod{update41.1}

that is what my minecraft says when i try to get on the server please help!!

That's because the server hasn't updated to run Update 42 yet, please try posting it here in the future: https://swdteam.co.uk/forum?p=thread&tid=280 



Remember my  Griefing/Unbanning report structure? Try and modify it to suit your needs. If it looks good I will add it to my post. :)

same what version do i use

 As the report says, Update. 41.1. Update 42 was literally released just a few hours ago, so SWD needs time to update the servers when they have time. (i.e after sorting out those who have crash reports, bugs etc.)


Please try posting it here in the future: https://swdteam.co.uk/forum?p=thread&tid=280

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