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My suggestions for U47/U48.

I've got 4 suggestions for U47 or perhaps, U48.


1.  Add the old feature in which the Demat lever moves when you pull it like it did until U39.


2. Add the ability to look outside with the TARDIS Display, so you can see if it's save in the dimension where you just landed or gaze upon the mystic Time Vortex.


3. Re-add the TARDIS forcefield from U39/40.


4.  Add the small detail that the TARDIS (screen-accurately!) keeps making the noise and that the rotors move while dematerialized. (Perhaps I am asking a lot with this one, but you don't have to do it. It's a suggestion.)


These are my suggestions. Do you think they are realistic? 

1. Already implemented in U47 (As seen in U47 Dev video)

2. Oooo.. Time vortex...


Oh, I didn't know that it was back. Didn't watch the video yet!

Update: I watched the video and that is not what I meant. I meant that you can see is moving, like a TARDIS door, not it just suddenly going to the other state, like a vanilla minecraft door. Now don't say they can't do that or that they don't have the time, because they did it before.

1. Being worked on, that video was just a quick test

2. Maybe
3. Already confirmed just don't know when

4. Sounds cool

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