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[Player Report] [Dealt with] Huntbones22

Minecraft Username: (IGN: jojwest) Captain Jack Harkness

Username of player you want banned: Huntbones22

Why they deserved to be banned: Many reports of Warp killings and even one i experienced myself. a whole town was against him. and rumor goes that he removed a wanted sign with his name on it.....

Witnesses: 02Nova, cuylermax2003, KingBacon, AwesomeMan, jojowest, MrDalek,

Evidence: I saw it with my own eyes...... we saw it with our ow eyes.

Add me to the witness list. He was in Riverside on the public server using the flight panel exploit to kill people while flying and invulnerable as a TARDIS.

Hunt was delt with two months ago when this happened. Please don't post on old threads of the info is no longer of use.

We should start to lock these solved threads more to stop these necroposts

This thread has been locked.