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Fighting Game Thread and JJBA: HotF Setup

This thread is for anything related to fighting games: Games you've played, stories you've had, characters you've played, etc.


I play Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Heritage for the Future, it's a fun game with unique mechanics, a great selection of characters, it's faithful to the manga, and it has lots of cheap tactics and combos.. Be warned! If you mind any blood or somewhat minor graphic art, this game isn't for you! I use Fightcade in order to play it. It acts as both an emulator and a place where you can play with people around the world! (Don't get mad if you lose alot ;) ) https://www.fightcade.com/ Here's where you can get the roms: https://archive.org/download/fightcaderoms


You will need to get jojoban.zip and put it in the ROMS folder, don't extract it!

When you open the game, go to Game > Map game inputs  > and set the Diagnostics key, Reset key, and the buttons you will use for gameplay

Press the Reset key, then the Diagnostics key

Now, your menu may look like gibberish.. So, press down six times and hit Light Punch

Hit Light punch an additional time

Now do the combination: Up, Down, Right, Left, Light Punch, Medium Punch, Hard Punch, Light Kick/Stand Button

You should hear a strange noise, that means you've unlocked the secret characters, such as Young Joseph


You may now press the reset button and enjoy HotF!





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