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Just to make you aware...

Suicide Daleks can and will explode on DMU. This can be exploited as a replacement for TNT, so should be resolved imminently. (This was done on a vacant landscape, but the cows did not survive. I'm sure Digeridoomen would understand.

Thanks for letting us know! The admins have been notified. John's away for a few days, but I'm sure he can code in a gamerule which will prevent this. 


P.S. I'm glad the cows did not survive

Haha. that'd be great! Thanks.

Also, what are the purpose of the Matt Cows? They go "Oooh" when you whack them, and they drop credits (nice) a "Story Mode?"(even nicer)- but

there is no meat to be found. (I love them anyway)...

There already is a gamerule but due to a bug with server restarts, all gamerules set back to their default state which in the case of the Dalek Mod ones, is true.

This will probably be fixed once John has returned.


Also Story Mode was a joke we made during a call. The sounds are Matt saying "Moo" at various pitches.

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