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Why not give SWDBaes VIP+ permissions? :D

    A couple to many months ago SWDBae was removed from access but it doesn't mean it can't be worked on further. If I am not wrong SWDBae costed more than VIP+ does now.

     What I'm getting at is can SWDBaes get permissions to do stuff like /particle because we paid as much as vip+'s did and probably a bit more. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ~ Kerion

VIP+ does not have GM3

Also SWDBae used to have GM3 before it was removed.


Considering the rank is just there so people didn't flip their heads and rage away, I don't see the need to work on it.

It's a rank that, imo, shouldn't exist anymore as it only causes problems for staff, hence the new extreme SWDBae rule enforcement.


I think it should just be removed all together, so I don't see a need for us to keep adding perms that you people don't need.

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