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When will the Tardis issue on the Server be fixed?

I just wondered: Some time ago, there was this issue on this server when nobody could enter/leave their Tardis. I, unable to enter mine, disconnected and didn't join the server for a few days. When I connected some days later, my Tardis didn't summon. I was told that it was affected by that issue. I don't know whether the admins "disabled" it or if that's because of the issue, but I can't summon the Tardis. It doesn't even say "Tardis can't be summoned" or something, it's as if I had a key without a Tardis.


Any information about whether the admins or the issue is responsible for this and when this will be fixed? Thanks in advance.

Nobody knows when the major tardis bug will be fixed

A bunch of TARDIS files got deleted. For some reason the server ran out of space randomly, right now we have no idea how to fix it, if it can be fixed at all. because only one person can and he's extremely busy. Currently our only advice is to get a new one again.

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