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whovian's lego creations!

In case you didn't know, building withLEGOs is a hobby of mine. Anyway, here is a picture of my first build which I did a couple of months ago



it is the fourth doctors main tardis

Also as a side note,  the console isnt mine i looked up how to do it. The rest is all mine.

please comment tell me what i should add.or what to do next maybe.

I also finished this a couple of months ago

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Sorry the letters are a bit faded on k-9

Also, I added wheels underneath so that he can roll.

Another thing is that he is not the size of the actual prop 

sorry that he is upside down rn

They actually look quite nice! I'd like to ask: Maybe you have the Lego Ideas Doctor Who Set? If yes, I'd like to suggest that you would make TARDIS exterior connectable to your custom interior.

i do have the set and I actually am working on modifying the  set interior rn

I also am working on a 13 doctors lego collection some I bought and some i am going to make

Also here is something I built Completely unrelated to dr.who

It is a hand cannon called the last word.It is from a game called Destiny.I  built  the handle from a youtuber.But the rest was all me.Also i did this a couple months ago also ik you people may think im faking it but it is real.

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