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TARDIS maintenance

please tell me if i spelled that wrong. So what is added with this is the need to maintain your tardis. One thing you will have to do is clean the panels of the tardis with a sponge (The recipe of the sponge is 3 wool with 3 iron on top) and if you don't clean the panels you can get poison for 20 seconds. Another thing you can have to do is repair your TARDIS light if you don't change it the tardis won't demat (crafting recipe is 1 redstone surrounded by glass) you just need to crouch and click on your tardis and you can put the lightbulb in. Also you need to feed the tardis monitor Zetinon 7 if you don't the tardis of your's can start to disintegrate itself. I wanted this to be added so players would have to show responsibility for there tardis.

i do believe its spelled 'hygiene' if thats the word you were trying to spell

I think a better word than hygiene would be 'maintenance'

The TARDIS maintains itself... as the 11th doctor once explained.

Yeah but what you suggested is basically TARDIS maintenance.

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