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[Sound bug for tardis!]

Version of forge: 1.8 -

Dalek Mod Version: Update 46.2

List of mods (please include this in a spoiler):

What was the user doing prior to this: Checking my shop

Location of bug [E.g. Servers]: DMU public

Status: unsolved

Description: It wouldn't make any sound and the bug only happens after you logged off a certain location and use it somewhere else( sound bug is still on though)

What it affects in-game: It makes not possible to enter the tardis for a while and with locking it and unlocking it a lot and summoning the tardis has no sound.


Any other information:

I would like this to be fixed please and sound bugs for it is annoying.

so.. when you summon it it makes no noise?

 yes plus I can't open it unless you lock and unlock it and wait, plus demat and remat levers problems!

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