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My WIP custom tardis interior

This is my Work In Progress Custom tardis interior

Currently has 4 panels, 2 moniors, 1 demat lever and a flight panel for when I eventually get beta

Also around the side there are 2 2010 chairs and a railing

I plan to set some stuff up with the panels when I learn how to (Please tell me below if you know how to use these)


They use specail coomands But I havent figured them all out yet

Hi there, why not post this in the creations tab? It looks great, however your post is in the wrong place.

Hi !


50ap5ud5 Is right, I think, this topic should be moved. However, I'm gonna leave a comment on the building itslef !

First, the commands I know for the pannels are /travel -which is the same as using a Demat Lever- and /particle 0 ~ ~ ~ -which, by changing the number, produces different particles. 

Then, the building itslef. As you said, it's WIP, so I can't actually give an opinion about it ... Just, I'd advise you to put the console on a different level -higher or lower- than the rest of the floor. Except for that, it looks good, the colours fit good, etc ... Just, try not to leave a whole space, like the wooden planks floor, without any relief, to avoid making it empty.

Good luck for the rest o/

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