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Acsess TARDISES from old account?


I created a new Minecraft account a while back since I lost my old one. I had some old TARDISES with that account. Is there anyway I can access them again?




It depends how old this account was? 

We've reset the server a few times. Meaning if it was from before the reset then all is lost. If it was from after however we might be able to do something for you. 


We'll need information such as username and the locations of the Tardises


Hope this helps

Well, the username is "Aloxian"

The coordinates for the TARDIS that I want to open is: (Private Server) 1277 91 -1123

As for the reset, I'm not  exactly sure but I can say that the last time this account was active, was late 2016 but I'm not exactly sure.

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